SOVEREIGNS: MMRII - Definitive Edition Update Notes:


- Redesigned level select menus for both SOVEREIGNS: Story Mode and THE WAITING ROOM: Bonus Chapter, featuring new and larger covers & music artist portraits
- Added texture and grime to all levels, resulting in a more polished look overall
- Added the rest of the story levels as BONUS: HALLUCINATION I - IV levels to THE WAITING ROOM: Bonus Chapter, available when Memory III is completed for the first time
- Added in-game voice clips for Ted, Riaru and Nevaeh, voiced by Alkemical, Dottovu and CailyCat
- Added more blood objects and bullet casings to the blood surface, enhancing performance in bigger maps
- Replaced "Crystal Castles - Tell Me What To Swallow" with "Jane Gray - CHOICE" for the DEMENTIA: Level Rush character select menu
- Changed Assignment V name from "HER" to "ASSOCIATION"
- Changed Assignment VII name from "VENIN" to "CORRUPT"

- Enhanced Ensurer Mode visuals: Added a flickering radial blur effect and added slight chromatic aberration
- Made some visual changes to the main menu and added the "Definitive Edition" subtitle to the logo
- Added a new subtle raindrop effect on screen that occurs when rain starts falling in levels
- Redesigned Prologue: Awakening tutorial prompt
- Adjusted HUD slightly for Assignment VII: CORRUPT
- Added a text popup that displays briefly when Ensurer Mode is triggered
- Added raindrop effect to credits
- Added regular unglitched plants for TWR level select and level title
- Fixed Ted's dialogue sprite outline colors
- Fixed mismatching Riaru cap/outline colors
- Added "NEVAEH" name to dialogue in THE WAITING ROOM: Bonus Chapter cutscenes

- Enemies now get up faster after being knocked down in Ensurer Mode
- Melee enemies now get knocked back when they try to attack Ted while he's in Ensurer Mode
- Added a few missing corners in levels
- Fixed a spelling error in dialogue
- Added the missing 20x combo sound for Ted when Ensurer Mode is unavailable
- Added a new crosshair
- Discord Rich Presence now shows when the player is in DEMENTIA: Level Rush and also shows what player they're currently playing as
- Added a lock-on sound

Updated splash screen, fixed CailyCat's name & added one more quit voice line. Whoops.


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Jan 09, 2019

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Nice Update! :D