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More Loud Than MMR.

More Performance Improvement.

IDK What Else Can I Speakin' High Of Or You Did Played HLM Series Or Not


Wanna See RIARU Destroy The Real World Plz


10/10 would have a headache again


Absolutely loved it!

Are there any more options? For example to change resolution. The game kinda lags on my laptop. I tend to maximize performance by changing resolution.
Would appriciate the help ;3


Played too long and everything I looked at had a blue tint. Congratulations on being the first video game I have played that has fucked with my eyesight.

(I can see fine now just to clarify, it was only for a minute)


Hello, I’m not aware if you’re reading comments, but I found out about Make Me Real and now I already played all of your games. Pretty cool stuff, they give me headaches and all, no joke. Intense gameplay, fucked up visual effects. Lovely. I’m looking forward for the new game so. Yeah, my best wishes, and good luck mate.


That was so damn good it gave me a headache

i cant extract the file, it said it was corrupted

Deleted 278 days ago

so i wanted to record this game on obs but i cant. i used game capture but the screen was just black. can someone tell me how to fix this

Use Bandicam?

Bandicam Works If In Fullscreen Record Mode

gameplay wise It starts off decently until you get maps that have the same problem people have been complaining back in HM2, which is making large rooms with mirrors and buildings where the enemy pretty much shoots you from 2 kilometers away off screen without any way for you to realize it, although it seems this is worse than in HM2 since it's hard to tell where the mirrors are due to the visual style of the mod.

Hey, I haven't been keeping up with the MMR franchise since Sovereigns, and I just downloaded all the new content.  What order should I play the new games in (including coffee break)?  I'm pretty much starting from the beginning again.

MMR > Clearance Sale > MMRII > DREAMPUNK > Riaru scenario in COFFEE/BREAK is the current canon order.





Very nice! I love this mode!

Actually loved it. Good luck with making new games!


This is two of the best mods for Hotline Miami. I wish to learn more about these characters as well, the story is pretty interesting



playing in slowmotion with 20fps XD..

These new effects makes my old laptop laggy

are u playing in an old macintosh m8

I sure do

I hope the next part will have the cashier as a playable character.


I love the music for both games.


i do, too! :)


Not being able to turn off the big splatter after every kill makes this unplayable for me.

It was an option in the previous title.



Amazing work. This was a really enjoyable experience. :D


amazing work!!! you are great mod maker, keep it up!!! 

god damn :o





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Just created an account to say fantastic stuff dude <3 

<3 you