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MAKE ME REAL: Open Your Eyes is a top-down action anxiety-inducing experience with 5 levels and a 3 hour long randomized soundtrack.


Part of THE DREAM WORLD: ACT I - The Dream World Conflict and the Infinite Cycle


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CategoryGame mod
PublisherTokyo Team
Release date Nov 25, 2017
Made withGameMaker: Studio
TagsAbstract, hotline-miami, Psychological Horror, Surreal
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


MAKE ME REAL - Open Your Eyes - Unreal Update.rar 577 MB

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Loved it :) One of the best mods I've played in a while




I loved this game and the 2nd one their both really good  I hope your gonna make more games/mods like this

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Why can't I mute the music

The music muting thing doesn't mute the music at all

Game's very solid, enemies dying consistently in 1 hit makes for fun gun play, and usually rooms didn't span more than the max shift radius.

Sad to see hostages removed.

Animation for pump shotgun a-la-pardo are a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.

This game is awesome, only if there was just a few more realizations or bonus to play on. but still, amazing game. keep up the nice work!

there's a sequel


This is the shit! keep doing what you're doing and don't stop ^-^needed more of that hotline gameplay in my life DAMN it feels good the atmosphere is good too rairu is badass 

wow this is best mod for HM

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This... this is just so fukin awesome!

The best mod i've eer tryed! please, please please!


Make part two!

Every fan will cry (and pay) for it.


-Level design is very good.

-Weapon sounds are just simply perfect. Weapon sound is one of the most important thing in a HM mod.

-Songs are great too but not orgasm.

And the visual style... holy shit, its just so high! Im amazed!

-Gameplay is SMOOTH. Very smooth. Enemys doestnt kill you unecpectedly. Very good speedrun opportunitys. And damn, i feel that 60fps.

I will cry (and pay) for the next episode.

-a big hotline fan.

great game, really enjoyable

i'm even looking forward to release my own review of it suggesting to try the game

Great mod with an appealing visual style and great sound design!

I actually made an account to comment on this great piece. I love the purple aesthetic, the "secondary" phase of the game was amazing as well. I hope one day this gets a fleshed out story, because so far it's pretty damn good.

Good luck!

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it's not a Hotline Miami it's better, all that erratic violence that I wanted so much to see in that game...now is here... thanks :')   

What software do I need for this rar? Because Winrar isn't working for it.

for some reason when i start the first level i dont hear no music not even in the main menu

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Update your audio card or install OpenAL.


Hotline Miami is something that's very important to me, and Make Me Real used its legacy to deliver one of the best experiences I've had in a while. 

The sound effects and visuals (and overall presentation) are great, and combined with the gameplay adjustments it instantly gave me the rush I used to get back when I tried to S-rank  Hotline Miami 2. I had a lot of fun playing (and replaying) this.


very good game

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Been waiting for the release for a while, but it was worth it. This mod does the best thing a mod can do in my opinion: to dare make something that feels genuinely different from the base game. It was a very interesting experience, and I love the color scheme, too.



This was a pretty good thing.

The level design was good.  The tweaks to guns are great, the extra little effects are cool as well. It feels great to play and I will probably replay it again and again.

The presentation is schlock, but it`s the good kind of schlock. Like it probably didn`t have it`s intended effect on me and I instead enjoyed it ironicaly, like some of the sound effects literally made me laugh out loud.  But yes I recognize that the highest amount of dev time was spent probably on the presentation and for what it is it`s pretty commendable, definitely unique.

The music personally isn`t my cup of tea, but it fits the game pretty well and something tells me that this mod`s presentation and feel were super inspired by these types of reverberated, drowned out, synthey,  bandcampey tracks.

So yeah pretty good overall. 

Wish you dudes luck on further projects!